miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

Teatro en inglés con estudiantes.Drama... mounting a full stage play (2)

If you are looking at doing a theatre project, and need to make stage props, you can get a look at stage design with an excellent, concise book on Design:

Scene Design: A guide to the stage
written and illustrated by Henning Nelms.

This 96 page booklet gives information on creating professional sets on minimum budget, and avoiding common mistakes. You can order it from Dover Publications who change a bit for the shipping from the US, but who sent my last order (which included this book, and a whack of great young learner stuff) in VERY quickly... under a week and a half.

Their bargain bin has some treasures worth digging through as well for young learners or people doing "teatro en inglés" They also have an excellent magic section, including the Bill Tarr book, which is great for age 8-13 (or even adults looking for a base in Magic.)


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