lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

(Sort of) Trading Euros for Dollars.

This is a fantastic program to project onto a whiteboard: it creates a visual background for language.

Imagine dividing the classroom into groups, coming up with strategies to solve the problem, and voting for the most elegant solution. Or in small classes, one person tells another what to do...

You can focus the language at whatever level you are on: conditionals, present simple vs. continuous... whatever. Students should be motivated by the openness of the game to produce language that pushes their boundries of production.

Above all, "Thinking in English" is not one single goal, but two goals. They have to think first... and a memorable visual background with a puzzle to solve is a good hook for memory.

Although a video game is different than a live performance, both projects follow similar principles of visual puzzles, and interactivity, and can motivate and create good memories in English, But... I can't compete with its price. Hmm. Maybe I should delete this entry. (or at least not mention the webpage

Or I could offer a discount of 20 euros off the price of our show to any school that buys the program. (at 20 dollars American... )

If you can't beat them, join them.

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