miércoles, 15 de junio de 2011

Embedded widgets, for publicity and THE GOOD OF HUMANITY!

I am (re)looking at different gadgets that are easy to produce web pages with. It looks like next year I will be doing some middle school CLIL with the technology classes, so I'd like to get some ideas for things to surprise them with.

I have permission to teach them LibreOffice instead of MS Office (Yeah, FLOSS opensource programs!) to give the students up to date info on copyright licenses, operating systems, viruses and internet safety. As the students will be doing everything in English: task based learning!

(I have some thinking to do about how I will set up collaborative work so it isn't just rehearsal for an office job later.)

One neat thing is Wix.com, which I haven't played with for over a year... I started using it when Sproutbuilder started changing their terms of service like most people change their socks. Dead easy. It is free. Easy to adapt, and has a new mobile focused site coming out soon. Great for making "pretty stuff".

Both done in under an hour, so this is good for allowing teachers or students to create with. So why do I blog this, thinking it is interesting? Because it is both interesting and cool... if you are less egocentric than me, and put something less you centered.

Paul Braddock, from the Barcelona British Council Young Learner´s Dept, has made an online game for staff development, and it looks great. Thinking behind it here, and a look at the actual wix here.

What a great idea!


Free website - By Wix.com

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